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Motorized valve for cooking gas needed

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Jun 13, 2021
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We need a motorised valve for cooking gas which comes from a cylinder.
The valve should be actuated by 3.6V (Lithium battery)
Also, should draw no current after the actuation process (ie, when ON or OFF).

We would also consider a solenoid valve of the same spec.
But we prefer motorised, since it can be geared and then a constant low current can be used for actuation....this is good, because then we can make it a "low current circuit", which means less chance of sparks ever occurring...(say if the valve breaks and spews gas everywhere, we dont want a spark)

This is the type of thing...

...But ours wont have a electricity supply to plug into...also, a token will open the valve for 10 mins, not a mobile phone signal...there is no RF in ours. All we have for power is an internal non-rechargeable battery

The quick and easy option is a servo turning a gas valve. It's a geared motor with an arm for pushing or pulling or turning. The valve can be an ordinary brass rotating ball with a hole through the middle. 90 degrees of rotation goes from Off to On and back.

You may find a manufactured all-in-one unit which runs on 3.6V.

Youtube video, how to join a servo and valve within a 3D printed holder:

I expect that a gas valve has also fail safe requirements e.g. in case of power fail. This is hard to achieve with a simple servo valve.
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