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mosfet modeling - converting models

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Jul 26, 2002
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mosfet modeling

Hi all,

I'm using at the moment different types of simulators (Pspice, eldo, Hspice) for my projects, and every one has its own models for active devices modeling. Someone knows if there is a tool or a method to convert models from a simulator to another; in particular, i'm interested in EMM9 and BSIM3v3 equivalence for mosfet model.

Dear friend,

Each MOSFET model has its merits and drawbaks, like accuracy or simulation time, thus converting them maybe loss the accuracy.
some programs like @dv@nced D esign Sys. can open all spice format like HSpice or PSpice without any problem like MOSFET modeling incompatibility,also this new softs. have a large number of known and common models.
If u really want to convert the models, one method is to extract the charactristic curves of your device by a number of simulation, then using optimization ability of Hspice generate a new model. by this method u can generate simple model NOT models like BSIM3.3. for this u can use the extracted data from simulation and a model ganerator program like Berkeley BSIM Model generator.


Well , i found once a document listing parameters equivalence between Hspice level 47 and pspice level 7 (or 9, i don't remember exactly) mos models. I thought there was similar documents for other models. As just you say each model has its characteristics; my intention was to find equivalence of common characteristics without using heavy method like that one you rightly suggest.

Hi jejeorg,
it is right; some models like BSIM3.3 are supported by several cad tools like like pspice and specially hspice, but with different level numbers.
also models like BSIM is realized with a little change in several cad tools. for example hspice uses several tuning in model parameters over standard and firt edition of modesl. thus in general case, it is better to use the provided model, and if it is necessary to change the model, I think the way i have mentioned must be used to obtain minimum error.
for more inforation u can refer to HSPICE user guide, model specifications and optimization chapter.

hi, goodboy
thanks for the interesting infos. I'm trying to deep inside CAD modelization and this proves useful to me. Maybe you could give me some advice about managing convergence issues in DC and TRANSIENT SPICE simulations; i'll appeciate that.

Enjoy yourself!

according to :

**broken link removed**

Silvaco's Spice Modeling Services offer a unique opportunity to convert all existing models to a single desired SPICE model technology.

Berkeley Level 1,2,3, BSIM1,BSIM3v3, BSIM4, Philips MOS9/MOS11, Hspice Level 28, EKV, HiSIM.

I have not tested it but it seems to be very useful for students to convert device models.

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