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Mosfet driver chip recommendations

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Oct 30, 2005
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just wondering what driver chips are being used out there?

I've used TC427, but i think it no better/worse than using individual complementary
pair transistors.....driving from 5V
any recommendations ?

this would be for driving 1 mosfet,
and another driving 3 mosfet in parallel

driving inductive loads.

I might go to a requirement of driving from 3V uP chip, so what driver chips are being used for this, that also priced reasonably ?


the advantage that the TC427 chip gives is slight.. and may not be even noticeable in some applications. for example, it has laser trimmed balance so that the turn-ON time and turn-OFF times are the same. the dual output chips have all the heat generated in the same place and share the same substrate so the temperature effects are equal across all internal components. there is a dedicated effort to control a slight dead-time so the cross-conduction is minimal (not so easy to do with discrete components, even matched pairs).

and finally, the IC itself is rated for transient immunity. will your application benefit from this? i guess it depends on what you're trying to do.

you can drive 1 to 4 mosfets in parallel fairly reliably with a good layout. beyond that, your mosfets will suffer.


Usually, gate drivers are operating from 10 to 15V VDD. TC427 and other integrated drivers also offer the necessary
level conversion, this doesn't work with two transistors.

You didn' say a word about intended power level or switching speed, which are important parameters in driver selection.
It's more or less useless to make suggestions without knowing it. As a very general comment, individual transistors
come into play, if the required gate current is higher than the 1 - 3A offered by integrated drivers.

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