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Mobile parts + Microcontroller

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Jan 12, 2009
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Hi everybody...

Well, I have some parts of mobile phones (LCD, Camera, BT, etc...) and like to use with my uC (PIC or x51) but can't found information (datasheets, schematics or examples). May some one help me?

Ps.: I have 2 motorola v635, 1 nokia 6111, 2 SonyEricson W580i, 3 full Samgung A800 displays (both lcd) and maybe an iPhone 2G. Ideas: SIMCard mannager (LCD + SIM + serial com with a PC); Image capturer (LCD + Cam + SD); 3D image distance meter (LCD + 2 cam + something else); Photo and text viewer (LCD + SD); ...


Whats the problem mat what really you want to know. if you want to use the LCD of mobile phone you need to see the serial interfacing of UC of either controllers, same for other parts. Best way is to use them with their software using Java application. See my thread
only few mobile LCDs are "debuged" for micros.... nokia 3310, 6100, ....
Sorry by delay.....

Well, the same way i told, you'll need to know how 'the things' works 'cause you'll need to write some code lines to make all things work thogether.
For example, like in the post mentioned above, if you wanna see the GPS result without the original OS, you'll need to write some code, probably in owner assembly, for a especific processor, reading an especific address, wrinting on especific other address that makes display, that need some tratment too, to show the information that you want.

I think like "js" told, not only the LCDs are restricted "debuged", but all other components that is available on a board is not debuged yet. (And unfortunately maybe never will be).

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