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Microwave Engineering

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Jack// ani

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Dec 2, 2004
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microwave engineering by annapurna das

Hi all,

Is Microwave Engineering by Pozar, the best and the most basic book for a beginner? Or should I refer to some other book you recommend?


jordan balmain solution manual

Foundations for Microwave Engineering
by Robert E. Collin

Radio-Frequency and Microwave Communications Circuits Analysis and Design
by Devendra K.Misra


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microwave engineering

i have studied pozar last somestre, i liked the pozars problems they help you to understand the subject

microwave devices circuit author simon liu


Pozars book is an OK all around book. But the basic stuff like transmission line theory like reflection coefficients and how the wave behave on the line is treated better in electromagnetics books like Chengs. At leat in my opinion.


collin microwave

Pozar is damn good but if u need still basic u can go for
'Microwave engineering' by Annapurna Das,Sisir K Das

rf and microwave engineering-samuel liao

I am currently using Pozar and I am finding it to be very helpful and thorough. The problems are good as they give practical problems with some real world numbers. The text itself is very thorough but not overly boring. I would def. reccommend.

samuel liao solution manual

A nice RF Fundamentals book is :
Rf Circuit Design by Chris Bowik
it's only ~ $25.00 USD.
samuel liao

for microwave you can refer to
Microwave engineering by Annapurna Das and Sisir Das
if you are still intersted you refer to Simon Liu

fundamentals of microwave engineering r.e. collin

pozar may be harder you can use
Radio-Frequency and Microwave Communications Circuits Analysis and Design
by Devendra K.Misra
it express more effectively

what do you understand by microwave engineering ?

Element_115 said:
A nice RF Fundamentals book is :
Rf Circuit Design by Chris Bowik
it's only ~ $25.00 USD.

i have to say this books lack any treatment on the wave nature of uWave engineering

microwave engineering by samuel liao

U can refer the following book also.
1> microwave engg-s.m.liao

microwave engineering samuel liao ebook download

be sure and have no doubt that pozar is the best book. the solution manual to this book is also available here:

microwave engineering by kulkarni +google books


solution microwave devices and circuits by liao

from what i've read, pozar's book on microwave engineering is the best offered to date, not only that but the solution manual is available on this site to help with your studies

microwave+google books

I have Pozar and I think it is really very good ...
I also have Collin but I think it is not so good because it is very complicated and the book cares a lot of mathematics and not of physical meanings ....
Collin has another book which is advanced one but is very good both in physical meanings and mathematical treatment .... anyone here can help to get the name of the other book ...


Pozar is pretty thorough, and covers all the basics. I'm doing research with couplers with Northrop Grumman, and the people with whom I'm working, highly regarded and recommended it.

microwave engineering annapurna das

MICROWAVE DEVICES AND CIRCUITS written by SAMUEL Y LIAO published by prentice hall will also be useful
microwave engineering solution manual liao

Pozar is a good book i think i hav read it in my bachelors degree

microwave engineering annapurna das

yes pozar is good ana solution manual is available

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