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Microwave amplifier 100w

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May 29, 2023
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I need a help here
I willing to buy a microwave power amplifier for my project , the project is a mini affordable particals accelerator for amature physicists. I was looking RF power supply plasma generator, but they are expensive , the usual particals accelerator uses microwave (guided waves). Like magnetron. But i was looking for solid State Microwave Power Generator, i sow on ebay Microwave Linear Power Amplifier 1400-1500MHz 100W , i was thinking if i could use it with function generator to generate microwave waves like magnetron?


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Why not just modify a microwave oven? This can generate a good arc but you may need to regulate or limit the load power. But Faraday modifications must be protected/tested.
Thanks for replying
Im not sure that i understood how i can modify magnitron, the magnitron don't have the signal and ground, its just generate high frequency, if i wanted this type of generator ,i could used klystron, the construction of my linar accelerator is like in the attached.if you have any idea how to share please. Thanks


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You must define the power level , impedances and wavelengths of the cables, I would use semi-rigid 1 cm coax rated for 8 kV on PTFE-TNC connectors using hand tools to make. SMA or SMB is not likely to handle the strike voltage you need. Couple the power from the Oven into an antenna into the coax bus bar but you must define the phase shift in each cable. The cable might be interfaced out the oven rear and the antenna design requires some research. that's my 1st cut.

If you do not have transmission line simulation tools, or understand how plasma radiation is harmful, you will need Faraday shielding.

The plasma tube will be high impedance dependiong on the waveguide length until ionization and thus high voltage is potentially created. These are unknowns.
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that was my thought too, take apart the oven chamber of a microwave oven, without screwing around with the high voltage power supply part of the box. fashion a waveguide step transition to match the reduced height waveguide in the oven to a standard waveguide dimension, maybe with just a long taper. then you have 900 watts of 2.45 GHz at your beck and call.

of course, this is relatively dangerous stuff, you if you do not know what you are should probably leave the high power microwaves alone. you can screw up your eyes, for instance

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