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microsoft office word 2007

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Dec 12, 2006
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word 2007 not auto correcting

Hi friends,

I have a problem when i typing the words in microsoft office word 2007. it is not auto corrects the wrong words.

how can i set it to auto correct the wrong words?

Many thanks

auto underline wrong word in word 2007

Click on top left word icon next to disk icon, go to "Word options", select "Proofing". Here you can choose how you want corrections to be made.


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ms word 2007 red line

my friend,
every thing is ok in this place (word options), and still i have the same problem,

previously it was marked the errors with a red line (underline the errors with red line) now after 8 hrs i faced this problem

help me please.


word 2007 get red lines back

Only other option is to reinstall the program

word 2007 user profile

first save your file.
after that you see on the volume of the text. if the volume is high the red line will disappear but you can still correct the mistake manually from Review tab.


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word 2007 default view user profile

the volume is 1585 kB is that considered too much? i do not think so

microsoft office word 2007

Aya2002 said:
the volume is 1585 kB is that considered too much? i do not think so

yes i know 1585 KB is not too much nowadays but for Microsoft word it's too much. how many words have you typed? is it too much?

8704 words and in a second document 1034 words with size 230 kB

microsoft office 2007 red line

I am using the Microsoft Office Word 2000, but I don't have any problem using it. I think that auto correct option is there in Microsoft Office.
Whenever you type the wrong word an underline comes under it that indicates you have entered a wrong text.

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