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microcontroller with wireless hw & sw builtin

What is your interface preference for your projects?

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  • Wired direct (remote a/d signal input to local hw)

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  • Other off-the-shelf solutions

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Sep 2, 2007
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wireless hw

Seeking ability to use wireless network with a microcontroller. Could be anything from a pic with built in HW/SW facilitating wireless network or any IC or ASIC that could be easily interfaced to a standard microcontroller. I've considered using off the shelf USB wireless cards with a USB port on a microcontroller, but that's cumbersome both in HW and SW for what I want to do. Also, standard RF and wired solutions other than networked ones would function physically, but would not allow the abilities and transparency that a wireless network interface offers.

After a brief search/review here turned up no results, I thought I'd ask for direction to known topics related to my subject. I don't ask that any provide a specific detailed answer but that and general discussion of possible alternatives would be a bonus. I simply am looking for links to existing solutions or commercially available products and have not had luck in search engines using a variety of keywords.

I could do the legwork to design and build my own hw/sw, but I don't need to re-invent the wheel while trying to build a better racecar. I'd prefer to find an existing solution to work with that includes all hw and all necessary machine and/or OS level coding to interface at a mid or high level with my own hw/sw. I have many great projects sketched out for which this is a key ingredient.

Thanks for any input or commentary you may have for me.

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