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micro processor mini project p18f4580

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Alssarty Hani Mohammed

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Apr 23, 2015
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hello guys,,,,,i am new here,,,however i need ur helps ......i am asked to do miniproject using flame sensor to detect fire using microprocessor chip 'p18f4580',,,,,and have a prob with the program code
any help?

thanks,,,,u look really knowledgeable.....which make me kind of embarrassed...the thing is that i am sec year student and i have microprocessor subject which i am really beginner in it.......and the doctor asked us to do a mini project using either (LM35 Analog Linear Temperature Sensor) or Flame Sensor which is interfere in p18f4580 chip, using assembly language and apply it in Proteus for i dont know what to do

Yes, We should help you by guessing your code ? Zip and post the complete project files and mention which compiler you are using and what is the clock frequency. Flame sensor modules from ebay give a digital out. It either gives low or high when flame (IR) is detected. You have to connect flame sensor output to INT0 pin and write external interrupt code. When there is an external interrupt either rising edge or falling edge detection based on sensor output take necessary action.

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Here I am attaching a project. I have tested it in Proteus 8.2 Sp2 and it works fine. I have used a sensor which gives high to low signal on flame detection. I have also tested it in hardware and it works fine. I have tested with flame sensor from

When flame is detected it turns ON an LED.


  • PIC18F4580 Based Flame Detector.rar
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I tried to open the project file with Proteus 8.0, but there was some mistake as it wouldn't open,,,,would you mind posting it again.
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My file is Proteus 8.2 SP2 format and it will not open in Proteus 8. See attached image and draw the circuit. When you turn the LogicToggle from 1 (RED) to 0 (BLUE) the LED will light.


  • flame detector.png
    flame detector.png
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nice to see:
The OP does nothing but to ask someone to do his job.
And the others ask for relating informations (but the OP refuse to give), they give hints on parts to use, give technical advice, give code and schematic....

What the OP at least has to do:
Doing research in the internet finding related informations, going through datasheets and documents, trying to find a solution by himself. Draw his own schematic, running simulations, doing his own calculations.

I doesn't have to be perfect, nor should it be free of mistakes..
Just some little things to show he wants to solve something by himself...


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