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Micrium’s µC/OS-III: The Real-Time Kernel Book for Texas Instrument Stellaris

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Oct 24, 2008
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Hi everybody,
Does anyone know where I can find this book (TI ref is : EKB-UCOS3-BOOK) ?
If anyone had the book on paper version, I can buy it from him !
The new one is too expensive :(
Thank you !

µC/OS-II: The Real-Time Kernel Book is a much better text. It includes the source and several ports.

The new book µC/OS-III: The Real-Time Kernel Book only contains precompiled kernels/examples, you have to buy a license for the source to port it to your own projects.

Just a word of warning, I own all three editions, the last edition is almost worthless except for the dev board which isn't worth the price you pay for the package.

Another Review of µC/OS-III: The Real-Time Kernel Book:

I bought this book in the hope of looking at the newly updated version of the source (from reading the book's description at Amazon). However, it is not available, unless you are willing to pay $9,999. That renders the book as a reference manual, which is essentially useless; plus the evaluation board is just a toy. Since ucos-ii was available in source code, I seriously doubt the author's intent of publishing such a heftily priced book. If you want to learn an RTOS, take a look at something else, such as VxWorks, which is widely accepted and well documented. Yes, I will return the book, along with the evaluation board, which is still sealed.

If you want to really use the RTOS, this is the book you want:

MicroC OS II: The Real Time Kernel
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Thank you very much for your quick reply !

Actually I don't really know what I want...
I just get an evalbot (TI cortex M3 evaluation board) and I saw that this book come with this evalboard... I want to practice myself with this MCU and RTOS and I thought that this book was suitable for me...
But as you said and mentioned, it's very expensive and useless !!

So I will listen to you... ;)
But if I want to play with this evalboard, does the Microc OS II will work and is it freely available (.c) ?

PS : Does anyone know a link for the book (with the CD ROM) ?
Thank you !

Sorry for noob questions if I ask some...

Thank you

Keep an eye out for the book on eBay. I bought an extra copy of µC/OS-II: The Real-Time Kernel for about $20, new still in the wrapper.

You can actually download many of the ports of µC/OS-II from their website. However, µC/OS-III is about $10K. Also checkout Amazon Marketplace for a used copy of µC/OS-II: The Real-Time Kernel and put your money into a nice dev board.

Here's a bookfinder search:

µC/OS-II: The Real-Time Kernel

Paperback copy for $24, probably doesn't come with a CDROM.

Good Luck

Thank you again for the speed...
For now I found it on the web and I am downloading it...
I also found a paper one for about 25 $ shipped (intl) which is not bad but as you said it is with a missing CD...
Do you know if I could find the ISO on the net ?

Ports LM3Sxxx Processors

Ports LM3Sxxxx Processors

Actually there's a hardback missing CDROM for $25 available in that search.

Make sure the copy you're downloading is the second edition, big difference from the first edition.

It's worth buying a copy, I use mine constantly, which is why I have a spare copy.

Yes it is....
But I still searching for a paper version (as you said it's more comfortable)...
Even if the price from Amazon is in fact 35 $ (13 $ intl shipping).

About the CD, is it available from the micrium site or other one ? (I didn't find it yet)
The content of the CD, is it helpful ? Is it worth to have it ?

Thank you again !

PS : There is a port for my evalboard which it's good !

I posted links to the µC/OS-II source ports for your TI cortex-M3. There is also the generic source available on the same website.

This is all you need to develop for your particular chip/board. The book's port is i386 if I remeber correctly, so you can run it on an old PC.

Thank you again...
And about the CD, is it important ? What is its content ?

Just the i386 sample source projects for the book and various source ports for other architectures. I believe the links I gave you earlier have sample source examples for particular TI dev boards. You can probably find the i386 port and examples on their website if you want to test it on a PC.

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I just loaded the CDROM into my system, there is only about 5MB of files on the entire CDROM. Just the sample code and various other ports, which are all older versions.

Sh..t !!

The one I found (pdf) is only 303 pages while the latest version must be 648 page !!

I guess that this may be the right one but in another format...
There is not any mention of the version nor of the ISBN number on this pdf so I can't confirm if it's the latest...
But when I looke on the content preview some of chapter are missing so I think isn't the latest one (2002) despite all the linksand site mention that it is...

Can anyone know a good reliable link for the latest version (with the orange top bar) ?

PS : I just checked the preface :
On mine (mentioned as the latest one) author said "6 years ago" about his first book
On the preview on amazon of the latest there is "10 years ago"...
So between 2002 and 1998 there are 4 years (is my calcul good ??)
This confirms that all the versions I found on the net are this fake latest version...

Thank you about the CD precisions !!

---------- Post added at 08:27 ---------- Previous post was at 08:26 ----------

I just checked on dozens of links and all the book mentioned as to be the latest one are in fact the previous one (as i describe on the upper post) !
Even on this eda link the file is in fact an other book of the author (Embedded Systems Building Blocks)...
Does anyone have a true pdf or is it the same thing for everybody ?

Actually, Jean J. Labrosse is the author of all three editions of µC/OS and the book Embedded Systems Building Blocks. I have all four texts. You probably have the first edition µC/OS or a truncated version in PDF form.

Yes it is !
About the versions you have, are there in pdf ?

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