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metallic inclusion using ansoft designer

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May 13, 2011
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I`m using ansoft designer and i want to make a metallic inclusion inside a dielectric layer. It`s possibile ?

Yes, it's possible. Draw a dielectric, then draw a metalic, then substract metalic from the dielectric.

Could you explain me better ??

I would do in the following way:

Suppose the height of the dielectric substrate is 50 mil and you want metallic inclusions say at a height of 25 mil from the ground plane.
Create the Stackup as follows:

Signal layer 2
dielectric (25 mil)
Signal layer 1
dilectric layer (25 mil)

Draw your metallic inclusions on signal layer 1.

Hope this helped.


Hi sv1437 !

When i make your stackup i think there is a problem. When i desing the Signal layer 1 and make a structure on this trace layer , let's say for example one square, what is the surrounding of this square ? I need one inclusion in a dielectric layer !

Only the square metallic inclusion will be present in the signal layer 1. First try that stackup in Ansoft Designer, I used this kind of stackup for designing two layered structures in Ansoft designer and I am pretty sure that it will work.

Let me know if it doesn't work.


I tried but i think it work not properly because the losses of my substrate are too high. I would like to subtract the layers like tony suggest, but actually i really don't know how to do it !

I don't think you can do that (subtracting layers) in Ansoft Designer. Anyways, which substrate are you using ? What is the loss tangent ?

I'm using silicon without löss, just to' understand what is happening. When i insert the metallic inclusions,the s parametrs become crazy.

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