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meshing failure- [error] Initial mesh, process mesh3d

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Oct 28, 2008
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meshing failure

Hey All,

I am trying to run the most simple simulation ever: a vacuum box with master/slave boundaries on the walls and one floquet port at the top. This will be used as a reference for other purposes. I was able to run and buiild quite easily yesterday and then today my results dissappeared and i get the following error:

00_AirBox_only (DrivenModal)
[error] Initial mesh, process mesh3d : Unable to recover all the surface triangles, causing meshing failure.
[error] Simulation completed with execution error on server: Local Machine.

It takes about 3-4 seconds for the simulation to fail. I have the newest version of HFSS and my install is complete and flawless(corporate machine). I am able to run other simulations fine. Does anyone know what the problem might be? I will attached the file soon, thanks


Re: meshing failure

I have attached a file of what I want to do, this file is actually operational.

Re: meshing failure

This seems to be a recurring problem in HFSS. Most times it is caused by
an edge or junction of edges which is very slightly misaligned due to
rounding errors.
In later HFSS versions there are various "healing" tools for the model. I would run these on each part of the model. in V9 onwards, there is "healing" for imported objects which has helped me a little.

I have also found sometimes simply saving and re-opening the project sorts out
some aspects of face selections (also a bug).

I have also sometimes found it useful (for simple models) to export to .SAT amd then re-import.

Other notes.. If you have round faces, and you then try to scale the modeller
gets into big problems.. Keep everything square edged as long as possible.

The port definitions can also get into a knot... check the ports. Sometimes it is good to slice off a section (split and re-define the port) if you have misalignments

Hope this has been useful
Good luck!

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