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MBED - raw ethernet problem: packet drops

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Jul 7, 2015
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Hello everyone,

Currently I'm working on a project where i have to send a lot data (10 bytes every 10 µs) from my MBED to my laptop.
I'm using the standard MBED code for raw ethernet which sends the data in packets of 64 bytes to my computer. On my computer I receive the data and I put it in a bin file to process it afterwards (via WinPCap in Win32). I'm not using any TCP - UDP protocols because of the calculating time it takes on the MBED processor itself, just raw Ethernet.

The problem I'm experiencing is as followed: every +/- 20 seconds i'm experiencing packet drops in my raw ethernet connection. If I look at the bin file or monitor the connection with Wireshark, the packets are lost during the drops in the LAN-connection. I've added a picture of the Windows resource monitor below which shows these drops. They occur periodically, the packets are dropped at the same interval. But the process of packet-dropping already seems to be running. In the first interval the packets are always dropped earlier. (as shown on the resource monitor)

Screenshot of the resource monitor:

I have circled the packet drops in red.

My guess is some Windows process refreshing the ethernet connection? We've tested on two Windows 7 computers and both have the same problem. The MBED iterates over the amount of values that has to be send without any issues. I'm not clear if the problem rests with the MBED or with the computer, since I have no means of debugging the ethernet connection. But there is no timer active on the MBED so I'm flustered that the MBED would know how to reset the connection periodically.

It would be great if someone would know what is wrong with the raw ethernet connection? Losing those packets is not allowed in my final application and at this moment I'm clueless.

Thanks in advance!

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