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MAX3131, MAX3130, MAX3100 vendors

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Mar 13, 2003
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max3100 ic samples distributor


Does any one know any vendors that can supply single units of IR transceivers MAX3131, MAX3130 and MAX3100?

MAXIM only supplies units of 1000 (too expensive) and I can't find single units in local stores.

I've already tried FARNELL and RS and they don't sell any. Help any one?

Thank you,
Joao Nunes


If you only need one of each for prototyping or whatever, then just look if you can get samples via their webpage.

I must admit Maxim is the ONLY (I hope you ba$**rds at AD are reading this post :x ) company that have sent me samples when I requested them which is why I try use their products as much as possible.....

The samples you get, are almost in the wrong package or temperature range.
But why don't use online ordering ?


Maxim is the only vendor of the requested IC's. You can just order free samples from Maxim.

It's also possible to order free samples from Microchip, but they don't offer the IC's you're asking for. But you can get free PIC MCU's.

Yes, for small quantities MAXIM sell yours IC without problems, even industrial and extended temperature ranges.

For standard temperature range you could request samples, and they arrive about 1 week.

MAX3131, MAX3130, MAX3100

Just a little note to twinsen: Besides MAXIM, Texas Instruments also supplies samples in a week or two. Analog Devices and ATMEL don't.

Anyway, I've already asked MAXIM for samples but I need them quickly because they are for a school project. If they take too much to arrive I might lose valuable time.

Which other single unit vendors besides FARNELL and RS do you know? (I could try searching there).

Thank you,
Joao Nunes

Why not order by your local MAXIM distributor or ask them where to buy their products?
You can find Maxim/Dallas International Distributors here:
**broken link removed**

Maxim/Dallas Sales Offices:
**broken link removed**

Maxim/Dallas Direct! Distribution:
**broken link removed**

Maxim/Dallas North America Franchised Distributors
**broken link removed**

Acutally you can buy single units online at MAXIM.
One MAX3131 costs $7.02.

**broken link removed**

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