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Max current for 10 watt Led module

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dr pepper

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Mar 15, 2010
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So I have some of these square 10 watt led modules, 36v red 1000 lm, the kinda thing you find in cheap Led floodlights.
They are rated for 36v 0.3a.
I want to see if I can make a strobe with one of these, what kind of current can I put through the led for a couple of mS without blowing the bond wire, maybe once ebery 2 seconds.
I was thinking maybe 5x or 10x the rated current.

You can always contact the manufacturer to see if any pulsed characterization data is

In-so-far as bond wire, you can use an optical comparator to get at its diameter, and most
likely its aluminum, use the physical tables for conductivity to find max current density.

But that does not tell you if there is any accelerated junction degradation, or rate it occurs,
before damage, severe lifetime shortening occurs.

Regards, Dana.

I dont have an optical comparator, however if I really wanted I could pull one apart and use a wire guage to work out the size, never thought of that.
I see cree state the bond pads fail before the bond wires.
I built a test jig with some leds, a xenon flash capacitor charged to 200v with only 500mOhm in series doesnt blow the led's, and the resulating flash is incredibly bright, the test ran a few hours without the led failing, but the fet switching the led did, not sure how many amps there was flowing, probably 25 to 50 or more for a short time.

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