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Matlab(simulink) and Modelsim Cosimulation

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May 15, 2011
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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to link Modelsim to matlab.
i've built a block using modelsim that has 6 inputs clock, reset , and it will take the other 4 values from matlab's workspace and its output will be taken to a "scope component" to display the output on it..

i followed the required steps but when i click "start simulation" in simulink window the error message below occur
Error reported by S-function 'shdlcosim' in 'testing_env/HDL Cosimulation/S-Function':
Continuous sample time not allowed for input port 0 of cosim block.
i don't know what is this input "port 0 of cosim block" ..
i thought its related to the clock as i'm connecting the "clock input port" by a "clock component" from the simulink library and setting the clocks tab to a rising edge clock at the same time..

when i removed the clock component the error message was the same except it becomes for input port 1 as below
Error reported by S-function 'shdlcosim' in 'testing_env/HDL Cosimulation/S-Function':
Continuous sample time not allowed for input port 1 of cosim block.

any idea how can i overcome this plzzz..

I'm using matlab (R2010a), modelsim PE

any help plzzz

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You need to make the simulation discrete time steps rather than the continuous one you have.
IIRC, its in simulation-> options -> simulation time or something like that - make it discrete.

Im also concerned you have 6 clocks? why 6?

Hii TrickyDicky,

i only have 1 clk
i meant that i'm having 6 inputs
clk , rst, in1, in2, in3, in4

i made some work arround
*removed the clk port and set it in the clocks tab
*let the rst takes its input from a constant instead of a step

but i don't know
*why having the rst takes its input from step dosen't work??? is there is a problem with using step component??
*how to adjust the clock signal with that in the modelsim so that each play represents a single clock in modelsim not 5 displays
having for each play click from matlab simulink

Π_ in modelsim wave window

instead of


any idea plzz...

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the number of clocks will depend on the relationship between one simulink "second" (ie a 1 time step) and the time period of the clock in the clock tab.

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