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MATLAB Basics ? What is MATLAB, and why we use it ?

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Jul 4, 2011
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Hello !
I want to learn MATLAB, but i dont know how to start it. Please help me, as this post could be helpful for other Electronics engineers.
Thanks :arrow:

think that you are developing a theory. but if you need some experimentation and obscuration of our results. hence you can recognize your mistake if any and fix it. but how you do all these process. on paper ? yes you can but it is not convnet completed cases or you cannot get solid practical proofs.

matlab is very sophisticated tool to do all these things. and helps to put your theory foreword. it can develop confidence in every step in your development. before implementing truely physical design. we can experiment many items in matlab.
there are two gems that i can recommend to learn matlab and get its basic.
1) matlab version4 userguide
2) matlab for beginners by etter

1) may be difficult to get it now but if you can that is the best starter guide.

2) this book is the only book i recommend for beginners .(the exact title may be different --but author is 'etter'
a real basic matlab book for learners.

What is MATLAB
matlab is software for numerical analysis, all the variables are represented as arrays or matrices, so the name matrice labrotary i.e. matlab.
it works as a interpreter, and it has a large no of classes/functions/ toolboxes for different types of mathematical analysis needed in engineering finance, science. which is the principal cause of its popularity.

I think trial version exist
MATLAB - Download

Sometimes your University has educational subscriptions check that also

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