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Master's thesis subject

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Jan 17, 2012
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I'm currently in a bit of a problematic situation. We had to submit or choice for master's thesis. I got my hands on a subject related to NMR. Sadly my promoter / advisor came down with a bad case of not responding to emails. But considering it was during the exams I decided to wait, most professors simply don't respond to emails during the exams. Today I decided to inquire about the situation and it turns out he's most likely sick for a couple of months. Now this wouldn't be a problem if there was somebody else who actually had any idea about the subject of my thesis. Sadly it turns out that there are very few people on this planet who are even doing research into the specific subject. Due to the complexity of the task at hand it's impossible to continue even with the help of other professors and assistants.

I got several other suggestions, but sadly none of them are of a very high level and are actually rather easy. While this might sound like a dream for a lot of people for me it isn't. These subjects would never pass under normal conditions cause they're too easy, and I really can't accept them as I wish to apply to a Ph.D. program after I finished my master's degree. And who is going to accept somebody into their Ph.D. program that did a master's thesis on microcontroller development boards? (I sure as hell wouldn't.)

So my choices currently are:
  • Take something from the list of easy boring subjects that doesn't interest me at all combined with ruining my career chances.
  • Go for an ICT subject.
  • Purpose my own idea.

The only acceptable option for me seems to be purposing my own idea. But there is a little problem with that, I have until Thursday to submit my idea it seems. I normally wouldn't ask other people to help me with this but I really don't have time due to the exams.

TL;DR: I'm an electronic engineering student and my master's thesis subject got cancelled and I need to come up with a new subject that has some academic value.

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