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@ltium Libraries help needed

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Aug 28, 2004
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I'm experimenting with @ltium 6.7 . I have created a library of schematic components and added a custom field .After that i added some components .
I decided now to change the size ,color of the font that is in that field globally but i can't figure out how . Even if i set select all matching and global change only the component shown in the editor window is changed .So i have to do everything one-by one again .How can i make global change to the fonts off all components regarding a custom field ?

Try this:

- Open the List Panel for the schematic library. At the top select "All Objects From All Components".
- Right click in the List Panel, select "Choose Columns", and set "Parameters" and "Parameter Names" to display.
- Now click at the top of the "Object Kind" column to sort it alphabetically
- Go down the list to "Parameters" and select the ones you want to change using the regular Windows way of selecting items with Ctrl Click, or Shift Click, etc.
- Now go to the Schematic Inspector Panel. At the top select "All Types of Objects from All Components".
- Go down to "FontID" and click on it. An elipsis will appear on the right side of the item line. Click on it.
- You will now see the Windows dialog to change the Font. Make your changes and hit "OK"
- Save your library.

The only alternatives to the above are one-by-one changes, or you could write a script to do the global change.

Thank's house_cat .
It is a bit fuzzy but it works. In the end i figured out why global change doesn't work as in the schematic. If you are interested i can write it.
It would be good though to have a single line excel type spreadsheet for each component where each "parameter field" represents a column and there you can easily change everything . I'm trying to organize now their libraries since in terms of components it's too much trouble to do anything even for simple repetitive tasks .

Can i ask how can somebody mark some footprints and copy them to another open pcb library in one step?. The same as the schematic library.
As i see there is only single footprint transfer.

To copy PCB footprints from one library to another, you just highlight the names of the footprints in the PCB Library Panel - then choose "copy" from the right click menu.

You then open the library in which you want to place the footprints. Click the cursor in the destination PCB Library Panel where the footprint names are listed, and choose "paste" from the right click menu.

All of the selected footprints will be copied from the first library and pasted into the second. The same procedure can be used in schematic libraries also.

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