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Low price for PCB and turnkey PCBA prototype service

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Jun 17, 2016
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Hello friends,笑:笑:

Let me introduce myself here, this is ivy from PCBGOGO (China PCB &PCBA manufacturer).

We are a manufacturer specialized in PCB prototype and PCB assemble service, we are not a broker, and we have 2 factories in china, and low volume 1 pcs is also accept ,so no matter you are a company or personal hobbies, Our PCBGOGO is a great choice for you to meet your PCB needs.:oops::oops:

our daily orders is more over 1200+, and our lead time is 99% on time , our normally lead time is 2~3days for 2layers boards, and we also have 12hours, 24hours, 48hours, express service options if you need, so the lead time is very fast .

And we have online quote,and online place the order, so you can get a quotation online, and you can see every steps about your pcb state, including the fabrication and delivery state, and we have your personal 24hours customer service available Live on-site.

Last but not least, for our new customer, you will get a $100 coupon once you register an PCBGOGO account on our website ( www.pcbgogo.com/f ), so if you have PCB requirment, i think our PCBGOGO is your good choice, so just come to have a try, thank you .

also you can contact me email :ivy@pcbgogo.com skype :Ivy Tian
Any inquiry will be replied within 24hours, :笑:

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