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Low Cost PCB Design - good quality products

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Jan 23, 2009
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Low Cost PCB Design

I have designed and supervised more then hundred fifty PCB boards from Lattice Semiconductor Corporation, PARADE TECH, IDT, MICRON, IBM, SLAND MICRO, INTEGRA TECHNOLOGIES, INFINION, and NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR.

Prepare prototyping of load board, bench board and tester board from schematics and also logical functional testing based on customer requirement before moving into PCB design or Schematic. The boards of varying levels of complexity but typically, PCB boards with strict design rules concerning signal integrity in terms of signal conditioning. I designed multi-layer boards up to 16 signal layers, primarily 2 power plane and 2 signal layers using PADS Layout. Boards were sensitive analogue / digital and mixed technology designs, designed to work to strict noise and performance specifications in the world of professional chip manufacturing industry, where performance is everything. All products were designed to meet Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives and Low Voltage Equipment Directives.

We have a rich library with more then 20,000 footprint almost all the parts used in the modern PCB industry. We also have around 20 designers who work in three shifts. For these strengths we can deliver PCB and Schematic within a week or two with the lowest price with extremely professional quality.

Contact me at : arif (dot) cis (at) gmail (dot) com + 88-0171-4116111

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