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loto virtual oscilloscope product look for agent


Feb 22, 2021
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1: What kind of company are we?

We are a R&D and production company with a brand name”loto” . The core product of our company are virtual oscilloscopes. Our website is www.lotoins.com and the registered trademark is lotoins. Our core business is computer software and Android mobile phone APP development, virtual oscilloscope and peripheral related products electronic circuit development and production assembly calibration.

2: What is the positioning of our products?

We only make USB virtual oscilloscope series products based on PC computer or Android smart phone platform.

The hardware performance of the product is positioned at the low-end, the software function is positioned at the high-end, and the retail price is positioned at the low-end area, with an average of about $100.

Mainly serve the test and measurement scenarios of low-frequency electronic circuits below 100M bandwidth. The target customer groups are senior hardware engineers in the low-frequency field, or junior engineers in other fields, as well as field debuggers and some electronic enthusiasts.

3:product-related keywords and user portraits

Different from the traditional desktop digital oscilloscope, the virtual oscilloscope connects a small product to a computer or smart phone through a USB cable, uses the hardware and system platform of the computer or mobile phone, and runs the upper computer software to replace the traditional digital oscilloscope. Motherboard, memory, hard disk, screen, knobs and other hardware are new products that reduce costs and maximize the functions and performance of the upper computer software.

1) Product keywords: virtual oscilloscope PC oscilloscope computer oscilloscope mobile oscilloscope Android oscilloscope software oscilloscope portable oscilloscope.

2) Customer groups: electronic hobbyists, hardware R&D engineers, hardware debugging engineers, circuit maintenance personnel, electronic engineering business trip debugging personnel, electronic product technical support personnel, automotive maintenance engineers, electronic related professional students

4: What value can our products provide to customers?

1) Continuous iterative optimization and update of the host computer software is our core competitiveness, and it is also the most valuable place we can provide customers. Based on the existing hardware performance, our host computer software will provide customers with rich and powerful detailed functions. Many software functions are only available on the high-end models of desktop digital oscilloscopes.

2) We adopt a building block product design. Customers can not only choose oscilloscope products, but also add signal sources, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, paperless recorders, Android phone support, current probes, isolation differentials, EMC testing, DIY expansion and other modules. This constitutes an all-in-one cost-effective measurement and test system.

3) Since the software has an open source SDK and an open expansion port on the hardware, the product is very suitable for customers' secondary development for automated detection applications. We can also do rapid custom development for customers, especially in software function customization.

5: What goals do we hope this cooperation can achieve?

We need to develop sales cooperation with interested agents and resources, so that we can focus our energy and work on product development and production for a win-win cooperation.

We implement a unified minimum price for retail, and the agent purchases according to the purchase volume and sales price. Cooperation channels are not limited to forms. If you have your own retail stores, or have stores on e-commerce platforms on domestic and foreign networks, or have channels for monetizing fans of related customer groups, we have the intention to cooperate.

6: What have we done? What are our shortcomings?

1) We insist that a new version of the oscilloscope software will be released every month. Customers can download the upgrade on Google drive, and this upgrade is free. The main optimization content is to modify BUG and add new functions required by customers and optimize some functional details.

2) We will insist on making video tutorials for product use and put them on Youtobe for customer reference. The account number is "TAO LV".

3) We arrange experienced technical engineers to be responsible for the technical communication and technical after-sales of the products during all legal working hours.

7: What is the specific model classification of our products?

We regard the oscilloscope as the host, and other functional modules are optional as accessory modules. The bandwidth of the oscilloscope host can be divided into 20M (OSC482), 25M (OSC802), 35M (OSCA02), 60M (OSCA02E), 50M (OSC2002), 100M (OSCH02). They can be combined into different sub-models with the different functional modules mentioned in 3.(2), so there are many models to choose from.

For the consideration of cost performance, we will give priority to recommend OSCA02 series models to customers. I will put the data sheets of all models and the summary tables of each model in the attachment for easy viewing.

If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible and ask for the agency price list and further communication. Looking forward to your call or letter.

Mike Chill

LOTO Sales Dept.

Phone: +86 13109550135

Address:No.1804, Unit 1, Block 2, 39 Research Institute 3rd Phase,Dian Zi 2 Lu, YanTa District ,Xi'an City ,China.Postal Code 710065

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