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Looking to hire several PhD students and postdocs


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Apr 6, 2016
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Hello everyone,

I have recently accepted a new position in academia and I am looking to hire several PhD students and postdocs to get my lab up and running. There is a very specific profile that I am looking for. These are some of the skills that the ideal candidate would have:
- ability to describe digital circuitry in verilog
- ability to write C++/python scripts for building small CAD tools
- familiarity w/ Cadence tools for ASIC digital design (Genus, Innovus, QRC, Tempus, etc.)
- familiarity with other ASIC tools (Calibre, Virtuoso, ICC, DC, etc.) is also desirable
- ASIC tapeout experience is preferred
- FPGA experience in lieu of ASIC experience could be considered (same as VHDL instead of verilog)

The candidates can expect to have access to tapeouts to prove their research ideas in silicon. The research area is Hardware Security for all positions. It is expected that the candidates will research topics like hardware trojans, reverse engineering, side-channel attacks, circuit obfuscation, and other related topics.

An official advert will be out soon and I can link it once it is available. Successful candidates could start as early as September 2019. For now, I can give more information for those that PM me. Salaries for both PhDs and postdocs is competitive for European standards.

Candidates can follow the instructions on https://www.mendeley.com/careers/job/7310393/postdoctoral-researcher-in-hardware-security/ to apply for these positions.

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