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Looking for writers to review tools

Would you like to see such reviews of EDA software ?

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Dec 31, 1999
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Looking For Authors

OK, here is the deal,

Everyone always ask, what is best PCB design tool, always same bulls*** answers of 'xxx is best without any real reasons.

So, if we all know the tools that are best would you like to become author of a review of such tools?

Would any of the users who offered a response of 'xxxx is best' care to compile a review of the tools you recomend or use, no more that 1000 words, so we can post it here for all members?

Best would be to provide details of the workflow from design entry, verification, simulation [optional] to layout, then production of fabrication info & docs with times to complete each cycle. Simulation would be optional. You should also attach the design files.

All designs must use same schematic as entry, so all usesr must make new SCH and library parts so all entry is equal

For students, you might even get credits on your course work for this type of thing. If you have time with mid terms etc.

3 projects would be posted here with a suggested SCH as a PDF. Your task in doing the review would be to take the SCH and design criterea (single side board, double side board SMT and double side 4 layer with mixed technology) and recreate the SCH and make a PCB as well as all gerbers & documents.

Only 2 people per package (Orcad etc) and when you have finished you should posts all project files here, with all documentation & other people should be able to open, understand and edit them.

Perhaps we could have a small competition using polls. Gulson could perhaps donate xxx points to be shared between those peoples who are willing to give their time to participate in writing reviews.

This would be a much more usefull activity then just saying 'xxx is best' without giving any real reason., dont you think?

I will think a little more about this.

Please indictae your interest in such an event here in this poll, please choose carefully the answer


Also if anyone wants to be author of review, but does not want to post publicly then please contact me by PM.

Also if anyone wants to set the project parametrs for the 3 projects (same SCH just different PCB technologies) then also posts here or PM me.

If enough people are interested in this kind of thing / competition / event then we could perhaps also have same thing for VHDL projects or RF projects.

Who knows.


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