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Looking for simple DC-DC Dual Rail PSU with Voltage Regulation

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Jun 17, 2011
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I have some basic SMPS skills.

I need a SMPS that can take an input of 11-15v and provide +-30V REGULATED.
The nicest PSU I've found is SG3525 Push Pull Unregulated.
I prefer a design that uses a cheap, commonly available controller, integrated mosfet driver and DIP package.
(hence my attraction to SG3525)

Can anyone recommend a schematic?

Thanks, quite a nice tool, but it chose ICE3DS01L for every possible solution. Some very obscure chip, not stocked by Digikey or Mouser. I definitely won't find it in South Africa.

Can that schematic I pasted be modified to provide regulation?

How to get components to PowerSim

Push add part in designer
............there is directions , what to do
it ask to select sponsor
do so
initilize design
go to add part
or click the PWM block name
I try and get lot of ic`s to select
(depends of designed circuit 20...70 )

look get account

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Hi, its not working.
I go to front page, enter 11-15v input and two outputs with 30v @ 2A untick +ve
then I click "My Design" and it says output 12v.

It keeps asking me to sponsor...

"Click here to change power supply's input and output voltages"
"Sorry you must sponsor"

Add Part > IC > Add
"You must sponsor, blah blah blah"

I made a free account, its still not showing the input/output voltages I chose.

I'm not interested in this powersim site, thanks anyway.

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Can you please answer my question about this PSU?
Can I add regulation to this PSU by adding output inductors and feedback to the error amplifier?
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This circuit has voltage feedback

**broken link removed**

so. same circuit look pict. 2.

Ps. I test PowerSim without registering, visit only their sponsor site.
( ic-component company, nothing else and get ic-data added )


thank you so much :)
Funny how I missed that. Its cos I saw it long ago. I remember reading. Click here to see figure 9 for a simplified version with almost identical performance

Cool :) I noticed that powersim site doesn't have SG3525 ?

SG3525 is probably like TI/Unitrode UC1525 / 3525, a very simple voltage
mode regulating PWM. Certainly cheap; almost certainly not the best.

I found no 30V output DC-DC modules on Digi-Key. It's an abnormal
voltage. If you could stand 24 or 28V you'd have more luck. You
might be looking for an adjustable.

Building two single-output DC-DCs might be easier and result in better

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