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Looking for schematic of a simple SWR meter

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Mar 22, 2002
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I'm working with simple antennas, and I need a design of a simple SWR meter. It don't need to have high precision!

Could you help me?

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swr schematics

hello pal,

You could try using a toroidal sensor to tell you whether there is any kind of mismatch in your load (open or closed)... I've an old R*F*D*E*S*I*G*N* that suggests a circuit for doing so... I'll try to scan it and upload it somewhere... any f*p's??? I've only 10 points and cant use the file manager...
Will it help you somehow?


simple swr circuit

thanks 2000,

i would like the schematics and also the PCB (if it's a critical design). i was thinking in a circuit that can be used with multimeter.

thanks a lot.

swr meter + jpg

This construction article may help.
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swr meter demo

Thanks IBall!! It's very interesting. I'll try it. This file has a reference to "FAR circuits", do you know? There are a PCB layout for this SWR meter.

Best regards, Alexandre.

construction swr meter

I followed the reference to FAR Circuits to:


I could find no artwork for this project, but the directional coupler subsection does not seem to use one.

Glad you found it useful!

toroid swr meter

Here is a collection of three simple SWR meter schematics and layout info that may help.
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swr meter pdf

hey people,

I just cant get the files here... why?

Hey house_cat... just found the article... I´m scanning it... give me some days to upload and tell me where to upload because I can´t use FM...



swr meter schematics


It´s me again, the file is ready to be uploaded, its 680kB long and has 4 jpg scanned files.



pal swr meter

you need to make a small pcb to cover from 0 - 100 mhz

three strips 1 " wide and 3 mm between each strip

three diodes four resistors two caps and a connector and variable res to adjust the reflectoed power

very easy stuff

simply type into G*
the search string using qualifiers
swr meter design -- schematics ++ demo software art

SWR meter

saya ingin membuat SWR meter dengan tampilan digital.
bagaimana dengan komponen dan rangkaiannya?
serta deign layout PCB ?

Added after 1 minutes:

I want to make a SWR meter with digital display.
how the components and circuit?
and PCB layout design?

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help me please

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