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looking for midi board designer - firmware and pcb

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May 24, 2009
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how to build cpu midi board

I am looking to begin a relationship with a qualified code warrior who would be interested in designing a midi i/o pcb that transmits midi information thru USB to the computer. The code is all GNU, totally available for the taking. I am interested in a expandable i/o design, meaning, we get small i/o board and usb to work, and then build an expansion hub for i/o growth as needed.

Midi - if you are not familiar with midi than please do not respond. The person who will do this job MUST know about midi and have experience in it's purpose and function.

thank you

how to connect 2 midi boards

You mean to stay that you will get someone to work for you for free and then make him release his firmware for free as well?

Also, assume the person agrees - will you do the hardware interfacing?

Answer these and I would be willing.

You need to ask me MIDI questions though - hardware interfacing mainly, so you I sure I know something about it.

how to build midi board

Nothing in this world is free. I am interested in working out an arrangement with the good person who is so inclined to take this job on. Any midi information is easy to obtain. So if you can design hardware, and or firmware, and you are familiar with
midi and the code, I would be interestee in discussing further

midi usb pcb

I am not interested in the money, but in the final product.

I can do both the schematics AND the firmware, but I need someone else to test out the hardware.

My setup will use PIC18F2550, and have ICSP and USB connections, so it would be hassle free.

Using my design you will be able to connect your synthesizer MIDI port to a PC USB port.

Are you interested?

Added after 2 minutes:

(By the way .. it looks from your post as if you already have some software ready? IS THAT so?)

pcb midi

Yes, I can test hardware, and debug system, as well as build pcb's and assist in making sure that the design is functional and is comparable to the quality of what is available currently. When you say connect to PC, do you mean any computer, mac or pc, as in class compliant plug n play detection as midi device? This would be advisable. I believe we need to move this conversation now to email. please address to email .... i send you private message

thank you

You are correct.

Of course the software side will use (require) MIDI class compliant drivers.

For example, Windows XP comes ready with MIDI USB drivers.

Writing custom MIDI drivers will be too painful.

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