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Looking for info about how EMC and AC motor control work

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Dec 25, 2005
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EMC and AC motor control

I've to control three AC motors.

A shaded pole motor that is alternatively ON and OFF. The ON and OFF times are variable. The control is done by a triac which is triggered at zero crossing.

A permanent split capacitor that is controlled in the same way as the first one.

A split pole motor that is phase angle controlled by a triac.

I've done the 3 circuits, it's working. But I've to explain how it works and if there are interferences. I've read about triac dimmer in a book : with resistive load and with resisto-inductive load. With this type of load there are two type of runnung : when the triggering angle is below or beyond phi (lag between current and voltage). In the first case, if the pulses are longer enough after some times, the current is sinusoïdal (like if the load was connected to the main). But I can't find any information when used with motor? With motor I assume the power factor would change, but with induction motor is there back-efm like with DC motor?

Where could I find these informations?

Thanks a lot.

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