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Long waiting time when creating SuperNEC structure in Matlab

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Mar 7, 2002
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I am running SuperNEC with MATLAB 6.1. When I create a structure expecially a more complex one like a cone or a parabola, it takes a very long time to make the structure. It almost takes longer than to run the simulation. Has anybody else experienced this as well? Is this normal?

I have the same problem also. Maybe matlab 6.1 and SuperNEC are not 100 % compatible, or there must some bugs somewhere. My experience is to install the runtime version. It should be much more faster than before.
BTW, the new supernec version takes a little bit more time to simulate the same model.
Hope this helps.

Are you suggesting that this problem does not exist with MATLAB 6 or 5.3?

YES! No problem with 5.3. But I am not sure about 6.0. You can try if you want. I think 6.0 should be ok with superNEC 2.
Good luck!

I tried it with 6.0 and it seems faster. I also tried just the runtime version and it also seems faster. Bottom line is that it seems unable to build and solve any electrically large antenna in any resonable time. Would you agree? I was hoping to simulate parabola antennas. Any other ideas on software to do the trick?

I don't think SuperNEC is good for parabolic antenna simulation. I just don't know how to model the feedforn. People used to using self-developed programs for pattern predication. Although several commerical packages are available now, I haven't gotten one.


I didn't use supernec yet, but all mininec and nec based progams are very slow when simulating complex strutures. Try reduce the number of segments and run it again.

As jjantenna said probably is a Mathlab bug, and in fact can be !!

I'll install today supernec2 and try to simulate a complex struture.

Which program are you guys using for parabolic antennas simulation ?

Thanks in advance


No Fear

I run without matlab but need license for run 30 days trial version.

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