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list of fpga projects?

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Apr 29, 2005
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fpga projects

here is the list of project i collect from
Final Year Projects invloving FPGA:
1. USB 2.0 Core
2. 8051 or 8085 Microprocessor Architecture
3. GMSK,QAM,PSK,etc Modulation using SDR
4. FM on FPGA
5. MP3 decoder on FPGA
6. FPGA controller servomechanism
7. FPGA based encoder/decoder (e.g. hamming)
8. Image Processing on FPGA
9. Voice Compression Using FPGA
10. FPGA based PLL
11. Implementation of FIR filters

my question is that:
Are those projects are suited to say final year project by FPGA standard.
I'm begineer to FPGA. I only know basic vhdl codes..can write code for generate cpu of 8 bit.
My another question is that if above projects are I able to finished the project in 4 mnths time...As I'm only the person that want to do project on FPGA in my nobody to assist me..even is internet searching (book,paper,forum) are enough for completing my projects.

Lastly, which of the above projects is good by final year project view..
Thank you

fpga projects list

good work. i appreciate that you searched all the discussions and gave us a small summary.

well, i think that you should definitely do a project on FPGA even if you are all alone. dont think that you are alone, because you can ask any question at edaboard and there are a number of members that would help you.

i would say that you should choose to implement image processing on an FPGA because thats what i am doing as well. there is alot that you can do in image processing and believe me it is a very interesting field.

i hope that helps
list fpga based projects

Any link about: MP3 decoder on FPGA

college fpga projects

i am a pure electronics students... i would prefer u to do 8051 core using FPGA.... though it is not as useful as other mention project but it really let u learn microprocessor architecture.... where u really build the processor hardware wth HDL....


reprogram fpga after power down

hello sp,

I appreciate your choice but I'm afraid that when teacher comes for marking the projects, they may say they need more rather than just simulation of chip...

As i am total begineer to fpga plz help me on selectin fpga project and recommend the fpga board that my college will be willing to buy

Thank you
Looking forward for your reply

fpga projects on image

i would recommend the Xilinx Spartan 3E Starter Kit. but im afraid that it still isnt available from Xilinx. if you can wait then please wait until this kit starts shipping.

if you cant wait then i would recommend the Altium LiveDesign Evaluation Kit which comes with an XC3S1000 FPGA and im sure it would be enough for an image processing project. and the best part is that it just costs $99 (excluding shipping and handling charges)

controller based project list using fpga

hello people...
i need more suggestions plzz

thank you

up2 *.sof altera

hi buts101,

yeah... u really need a fpga board to do ur digital design project.. or it is just simulation stuff.. which is boring...

i would suggest tht u get a board from Altera....go to their website n check those marvellous FPGA board... please select those university board.. which is so much cheaper.. n powerful as well..

UP2 or UP3 (UP=university program) would b better if u are on budget... now is the DE1 and DE2, it is very powerful...

i hav myself UP1 n UP2 but no flash inside so power down u lose ur config... DE series hav flash build in... UP3 also has flash...

another which is good is those NIOS board for university.. but i think the website dont hav... u can ask on altera website...

warm regards,

coll fpga projects

hello there
which is more powerful Altium Live Design (spartan 3) or Altera..

As my college is going to buy first FPGA board for college, I think it will be better to buy powerful one...plz state the model and price...budget doesn't matter as long as my college buys it

thank you

lth fpga

the altium livedesign evaluation kit comes with either an Altera EP1C12F324C8 or a Xilinx XC3S1000-4FG456C. if you want to implement your project on an altera device then you should check the altera website and see if the UP2 or the UP3 boards have a better FPGA or not and also do check the price.

i dont know how altera names their FPGAs so i cant tell the difference. but im sure that the XC3S1000 is the biggest FGPA that comes in a $99 dollar kit. i dont think any other company offers such an FPGA at such a low price.

i hope that helps

fpga projects with codes

if budget is not important....

wad else.. the DE2 from altera will certainly suits all ur needs.... price is so cheap n u hav so many features in it... it is the cyclone II FPGA....

DE 2 is still part of the university program...

oo... ya.. i am not from altera... like i am doing the sales promotions... :p


list of fpga projects

hello there...

u talk about flash memory in fpga board. how much important is it? if power goes...u have to synthesis the fpga again through computer...if is lags behind the 8051 uc..

does altium livedesign or altera de2 supports flash drive..?

fpga based projects

some boards come with flash and some dont. the altium livedesign evaluation kit has no flash, so you will have to dump the bit stream from your PC to the kit every time you power up the kit. the Xilinx Spartan 3 starter kit has on board Xilinx Platform Flash, so you dont need to dump the bit stream every time you power up the kit. i dont know about the altera kits.

flash drive?? you mean those small USB drives?? well yes it can support flash drives provided that you have a USB 2.0 core and a USB connector because the altium livedesign evaluation kit doesnt have a USB connector.

8051 and FPGAs are completely different things. you are compairing apples with oranges.

i hope that helps

list of fpga based projects

ya ya... uC and FPGA is not the same... orange & banana would be even better...

for FPGA, after u synthesis, u get a sof file (for altera), then u will use the JTAG programmer to program the FPGA.. power down, u hav to reprogram the FPGA... tht is y u need the flash, when power-up, the flash (wth controller) will re-load the config file to the FPGA....

ya buts101, u dont need to re-synthesis again & again after every power down. u just need to use the file u get from ur synthesis (.sof from altera) to re-load the FPGA...

if u use CPLD, then it is non-volatile...

for uC, u are using the hardware... then u can write firmware to use the uC.

but for FPGA/CPLD, u are creating the hardware (use & create are different thing)... even the code (not program) u write is concurent type (mostly).

and if u think uC is better than FPGA/CPLD... think again...

there are 8051, PIC core tht people create to put into FPGA... know why they do this :p

warm regards,

Added after 10 minutes:

for altera kits... for university...

UP1 and UP2 dont hav the flash...

and those weird series from altera.. like the Nios board for university all come wth flash...

UP3 and later on (DE1, DE2) all already hav the flash built-in to the board...

however, programming the file to the flash is a troublesome process... slow


list of projects on fpga

okay orange and banana sounds good :D

for xilinx FPGAs when you synthesize your code, you have to run the MAP and PAR processes and then generate the .bit file and then transfer this bitstream to the configuration memory of the FPGA. all of this is done by the tools provided by Xilinx so dont get scared.

for a prototyping board i dont think that flash is that important. but if you want to make a product from and FPGA then yes you will need a flash chip. thats why i bought the altium kit despite the fact that it didnt had flash.

list of projects for fpga

thanks both of you. your views are very important to me and for my project.
We'll have more discussion on my project starts..
looking forward your help

hello mallik...
thanks for ur link i'll go through it..
I'm from Nepal..i'm begineer to fpga...and trying to do 4th yr project on fpga...i need help of you all to complete it...

Re: fpga projects

could u provide me a help regarding my final year project . i would like to do a project on fpga based spartan 3e kit ?

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