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Links for a Design of a 6 transistor SRAM

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Feb 15, 2006
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Any one designed an SRAM before?
any useful links?

how many transistors needed for 1 sram cell

I designed a 6T SRAM cell by referring to CMOS Digital IC Analysis and Design by Kang and Leblebici. Digital Integrated Ckts by Jan Rabaey might also be useful. Chk out the attached material. Might be of use.
a6 transistor

Helpful attachments. Finally I have found what i want. Thank you.

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I wish to get your attachment urgently.

Since I am still a newbie here, I don't have enough points to download them. Sign~~

layout eight transistor sram cell

Hey even i am having a project on sram and i am looking for information. My friend suggested a book by Weste, Has anyone tried it before?

6 transistor that used sram

Hey this one ddeals with Memory Peripherals and is good

6 transistor project

you can use a minimum sized 6T cell (8T for dual port) in a lot of cases if your speed constraints are not so tigth (say up to 200Mhz),though you will of course need to simualte to check that the cell contents will not flick over once you have done an operation.

Your parasitic caps of the data lines will also be critical and you will to take this into account at the schematic stage.

Expect read/write cycle times to increase dramacitcally once you simulate the extracted layout ... eg I designed once for Tread=6ns and ended up with 10-11ns once the layout was simulated ...

sram 6t cell project report

might sound a bit off topic here, but in case of a student project, can I just do simulations for one sram layout extracted cell and then extrapolate the rsults for an array. If no, what greater design experience would I get or problems would I face in the entire array.

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please tolerate once more, I am not much aware of how edaboard works

Where can I get device models for a 90nm process?

sram write precharge schematic -patent -ieee

Please be informed that,
you may design SRAM with 6T by refering any reference book, but testing/simulation for write/read/idle cycle of SRAM is not that easy as we expected, for that you are required additional circuits to be attached together with 6T SRAM. Those additional circuits are precharge circuit (4T),sense amplifier (4T), and equalizer(1T) and 2 chargeing capacitors.
sram design + book


1. what might those caps be for?
2. as a prelim design , do i really need the sense amp?
3. shudnt the sense amp design be based on the swing available from the cell?

1 transistor sram

I have the same feeling. The fundermental knowledge of SRAM is not difficult, but design is not as easy as expected. Especially the timing at submicron process.

reference book for sram

Will anyone be kind enough to upload any SRAM design stuff ?

transistor sram

Thanks all !
The stuffs are also needed by me !

6 transistor sram design

thanks for the documentation. It will be helpfull

tranzistor a6 -lb


i m also interested in desiging multiport SRAM cell can you give me your work till now what tools you r using for layout entry ,LVS ,DRC and power estimation.

sram 6 transistor bit cell design

who can design the sense amplify in SRAM?
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Re: Help needed in design of a 6 transistor SRAM

Thank you very much all of you, i'm new to edaboard but it was really helpfull.

Re: Help needed in design of a 6 transistor SRAM

Hey everybody....i found all of ur post quite helpful n wish to share my problem...i have a project on SRAM 6t cell...i have to calculate biitline measurements and for that I have to calculate BL curent...i tried but m unable to... this additon of sensing amplifier and capacitors etc is really neceassary in wat m doing bcz i hv nt yet aded them...pls help...m new to hspice n m trying to learn it...
Plsss help!:-(

Re: Help needed in design of a 6 transistor SRAM

Current information in hspice simulation can be read directly by awaves program.

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