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Linking of two FPGA .

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Sep 13, 2007
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Hi all,
I'm a student at University of Bologna.In my thesys I must realize a digital circuit on FPGA,but I can't realize it all on the same FPGA.So I must make a block of this circuit on a second FPGA.
I don't say how I could link the two FPGA to obtain the entire system.
Thanks in Advances.

If both the FPGAs are on the same board then you can simply use a I/O wrapper at both the ends.

If the FPGAs are on different boards, you can use high speed serial I/O to connect them and once again use a I/O wrapper at both the ends.

Products like Synplicity Certify does automatic partioning for you, check if your university has access to those tools.

Why can't your project be put onto 1 FPGA? Is the FPGA to small? What is exactly the problem?

Are you running out of IO or LUTs, Multiplyers Memory??? Please advise

Maybe using bigger FPGA would help?

may i know which FPGA u r using and the module which u r trying to implement.

Independent of the number of FPGA you want to connect, you can do it with a serial or parallel communication protocol, such as USB , common serial, I2C and so on

I think maybe choosing bigger FPGA is the simplest and cheaper way.

I think U shld start using a FPGA with more no. LUTs in it .:idea:

You can merge FPGAs. But if you are operating your logic at high frequencies it is tough to give and manage the contraints. If you are going for some parallel communication protocol it will give unwanted latency.

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