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[PIC] Line Follower Project PIC16F887 Assembly language

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Sep 29, 2015
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Hello everybody, this is my first post and I hope you can help me.

I´m working on a school project with a PIC16F887 in Assembly language. It´s a line follower with two sensors. I want some advice about the electronics. I can use the A/D converter from the PIC or an external converter. PWM is optional, I think that for a first intent, it could be with no PWM. what can you recommend me?
thank you so much.

What veichle are you using?
How many motors?
How many wheels?
How do you intend to steer it?

I had a store-bought line follower robot called Movit. It had two light detectors held snug against the floor. A single op amp (maybe 2) was all the logic it had.

If one sensor dropped in light level, it caused the op amp to send an 'On' signal to the opposite motor. When the other sensor detected dark, the other motor was energized. The end result was to rapidly switch the motors back and forth. The robot moved an inch or two per second.

Thank you for your interest. Bradtherad, I need to use a PIC.
Shaiko, I'm doing the vehicle from scratch, a PCB is not necesary so I'm gonna attach the wheels to a protoboard. I'm using two motors (with their gearbox) and two wheels. Not steering necessary, the turns are intended to be performed by stopping one wheel while the other keeps running. I'm planning to use two CNY70 transistors to detec a dark line. Thanks again.

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