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Lightning detection - new EE partner

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Apr 22, 2020
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Before wasting your time, please note that this is a partnership opportunity, not a job offer!

After 5 years my current partner and I are going separate ways. Our Time-Of-Arrival (TOA) lightning detection network project is in need of an electronics engineer to replace him. We currently have a working custom designed TOA lightning detection sensor and accompanying compute unit, everything field tested and ready to ship.

There are networks operational in North America and Europe with an approximate total of 50 deployed lightning detection sensors. Most of these are hosted by weather enthusiasts with a keen interest in lightning detection.


I am responsible for firmware (STM32/PIC/AVR/ESPxx) and software (client and server on SBC/Win/Linux) development and support while you'll be the brains behind the hardware.

At the moment any profits are made off selling equipment to end users but the long term goal is to have our networks yield commercially viable data that can be sold to third parties for severe weather early warning applications (real-time data) and forensics (historical data). This objective can only be reached once we have more sensors deployed in the field.

Prior EE experience is required, keywords: PCB design (KiCAD), SMD, VLF/LF radio, GPS, antenna design and signal conditioning. Ideally you should have a passion for weather sensing applications in general, and lightning detection in particular. Since we're dealing directly (mail/support forum) with a community of enthusiastic hobbyists that are not always as tech savvy as we are, a pedagogical approach to explaining problems and provide solutions in written form is desirable.

This is a work from home/remote gig with our internal discussions taking place over e.g. WhatsApp text and voice chat or mail. For the time being it may be best suited as a side project to your regular day job, but nonetheless a project that you are prepared to invest some time and effort in to make it successful down the road.

Your absolutely must be located in USA, Canada or Europe and likewise, must be proficient in the English language.

We will have some hardware IP transfer arrangements to deal with once we a suitable replacement is found but I don't anticipate too much of a problem with that.

If someone is interested please feel free to PM me your details. I'd also be happy to answer any questions or provide clarifications below.

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