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[SOLVED] LCD Miscellaneous Notes

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Dec 26, 2010
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'Fixed BOR setup' message on LCD
BOR stands for Brown Out Reset, and this message indicates power problems. For a full desription, please see the fixed BOR setup page.
BG Micro displays
I purchased a 40×2 LCD with LED backlight from BG Micro and built the display according to the diagram above. When I plugged the display into the computer and powered it up it displayed nothing. Most displays, when powered, will display all block characters across the first line until they receive some sort of signal. I saw no blocks, no smoke, and had no funny smells. The LED backlight was working which made me feel a little better. I checked and re-checked my connections a dozen times before I caught a slight glimpse of characters. When I held the display at an angle I could see faint characters on the display. I was relieved that it was working but confused why the characters were so dim. BG Micro supplied a technical sheet with the LCD which identified the LCD as being manufactured by E-SHINE DISPLAY. After searching through their website I discovered they offered their LCD's in both standard and extended temperature models. I don't really know what the extended temperature means but the documentation stated that the contrast controls require negative voltage for control rather than the simple ground used in the diagram above.
Displaytech brand displays:
Anyone who is using a 402A BC BC From E-SHINE Display Ltd. please be aware that you need to cross Pin 15 and Pin 16 ! ken
1x16 Displays
If you have a 2×16, 2×20 or 4×20 display, line adressing (for most displays) is straight forward: 0x00 for 1st, 0x40 for second, 0x14 for third and 0x54 for fourth line…
If you use a 1×16 display showing only the first 8 chars, it probably is a “2 lines à 8 chars in 1 row”-display Writing “MIOS IS GREAT !!” would need to be addressed like this: (0x00)“MIOS IS ” & (0x40)“GREAT !!”
Tracing Unknown Pinouts
IF Your display is a HD44780 compatible, but has no datasheet available: You can try tracing the connector pinout by using HD44780 datasheet as a reference.
All pins of the connector expect V0 1), possible Vee 2) and possible Backlight power pins 3) are directly connected to the HD44780 controller.
If You have the basic electronics knowledge:

You should be able to trace LCD pinout by watching the controller pin arrangement and using conductivity tester of your Multimeter to trace signals to the connector pins. (the unknown pins are left to Your logical thinking tm to figure out)

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