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Latch from a flip flop

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How about two D-Latches?

Connect the Q of one latch to the D of the other.
And connect the gates of the latches to inverted clocks of each other. Depending on where you place the inverter and the assertion levels of latches, you have either a positive or negative edge triggered flop

have master slave configuration using two D latch,with inverted clock to second latch results flop aperation

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hi nand_gates,
whether input q and o/p q is same?can you explain with an input?

minimum two flipflops require to make a one latch

hey this is a weird question, why would someone require to make a latch from a flip-flop. but I heard that this question keeps popping in interviews....

If you need a latch functionalty in ur design then in todays syncronous digital
technology you need to use the logic ckt. as I posted in my previous post!

we can make latch using only MUX, then why we would use FF for that.
if we apply enable to the selection line of MUX and input data to the one input of MUX and in 2nd input of MUX give the feedback from output of MUX.
it will works as a LATCH...

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