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Laptop not starting windows

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Nov 3, 2018
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I am facing a problem with my HP laptop that is not showing windows start up. I don't think the windows will recover. One option is to boot the machine with Ubuntu image through USB. Do I need to use ISO image file to boot the machine or any other ?

* At startup do you see an option to press F2 or F5 or F8 or F10... so you can view bios settings or perform hardware tests? It may reveal a problem somewhere.

* Or do you see an option to (a) restore Windows system files, or (b) total erase disk and re-install Windows?

* Is the power supply working? Charger? Battery?

* Is there a peripheral attached which prevents startup? Something that draws overmuch power?

* Does your laptop have a built-in CD drive? Then you can start up from a bootable CD containing an operating system and diagnostic programs.

Example, Ultimate Boot CD, Emergency Boot CD, which you can download free as an ISO and burn to a blank CD. Or, purchase similar via Ebay. (The utility programs are free to use since they're either in public domain or licensed free for personal use.)

* USB startup thumb-drives are advertised which contain an operating system which is either similar to Windows or assists startup of Windows already installed in the computer.

* You may wish to salvage data from the hard disk before you lose it. This requires a separate disk or disk drive. Then try to fix the hard disk.

* Can you find a way to extract the hard disk? Removing a couple screws and yanking ought to be sufficient. It may be tricky to locate it.

Hi, the data is not important. The battery also working fine and no other USB drive connected to the laptop. I would like to install Ubuntu. I guess it is license free and can be installed using ISO image file. I do not have CD drive so I need to boot the machine with external USB drive.

If you boot Ubuntu from a USB drive, start in 'live' mode and retrieve any data you want to keep from the Windows installation then either run a boot repair utility to recover Windows or re-boot the Ubuntu USB device and use 'install' mode to use the disk wholly or partly for Linux.

Note that you can't install Ubuntu from the ISO file itself, you download the ISO file then copy the image to the USB drive. It can get a little complicated if you only have one laptop and it doesn't work. You may need two USB drives but they can be quite small (> 4GB), one to boot from and one with the ISO to be installed on the hard drive on it. Personally, I prefer Kubuntu and have done this many times without any problems.


I would also check the ubuntu compatibility list whether your laptop hardware are supported.

You don't need to stick to Ubuntu you can use any other Live version of linux, for example RHEL or SUSE. To boot it you need only USB and maybe Rufus software on other Windows machine

If Windows 10 won't start up properly, one way to fix it is to reset Windows. Resetting Windows involves putting the computer back to 'new', and is also called a factory reset, or reinstalling Windows. When you reset Windows 10, you get to decide whether you want to keep your files, or remove them. However, your programs and settings, and possibly your locally stored emails, will be erased when you reset Windows 10.

I would also check the ubuntu compatibility list whether your laptop hardware are supported.
The thing about booting to a live desktop (from usb/iso-image) is that you get to test how the hardware works without installing. Give it time, and you can test several different distros easily, and then you may choose the one that best work with your hardware and/or the one you think have the best appeal for your taste.

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