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LAN How-to with Red Hat linux 8.0

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Dec 26, 2002
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i have 2 PCs (a AMD K6-2 500Mhz and a Pentium III 500Mhz) and i have installed Red Hat Linux version 8 in both of them.

i'm a new-bee to linux system and i wanted to create a LAN with the 2 PCs. i had installed a realtec ethernet card on each pc and had a hub to connect both of them. I have tried all that i know on them, i even bought a book about red hat linux. But it seems that everything has failed.

Please guide me from the very begining of setting the ip address, network mask, subnet mask, gateway, domain name, DNS, until the way to test that if the 2 PCs are connected. Thank you.

Just set ip address of two pc in the same network address. For example, one is, the other is
I think you can configure network using system menu, or use netconfig in terminal, or vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0.
You can test connection using "ping other pc's ip address".
Good luck!

RH 8.0 comes with quite extensive documentation. Check the distribution CDs for networking HOWTOs


thank you very much wxsimon and tom324.

i got one more problem here. How to log into the remote pc? i mean from PCA to PCB?

thgan79 said:
i got one more problem here. How to log into the remote pc? i mean from PCA to PCB?

Put PCB and its IP address to /etc/hosts and use its symbolic name in command (from PCA)

telnet PCB

Before this attempt check that telnet is not disabled in /etc/xinetd/telnet file.

Alternative is Secure Shell but it is not installed by default.

ssh PCB


how do i share my file

I can login now using the telnet and now i ahve another problem.
i can't copy file from PCA to PCB through the LAN though i already setup the ftp.

everytime i try to use the "ls" command, an error saying "error opening, cannot open share oject file."

Probably there is something wrong with your installation of FTP server or something is missing from the environment variables.

Did you use rpm to install FTP?

*.so files are shared libraries, so what are you looking for is LD_LIBRARY_PATH in environment (.bash_profile file) and set it to include directory where is located. Restart FTP (service ftpd restart) and try again.

BTW, these are entry level problems which can be found explained in any book related to Linux administration.


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