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[SOLVED] l298 confusion with pinouts and connections

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Oct 12, 2010
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hello every1!
i want to drive my motor with l298n but i guess its not working though how hard i try :oops:

this is the link to the circuit! though i have looked at the datasheet i am still confused about the pinouts of l298!! can u please guide me, the reason for my confusion is that the data sheet shows from the ledt-most side of the DRIVER IS THE 1st pin which it shows to b shorter but in acutual IC on the LEDT-MOST part there is longer pin :shock: please help!!

Maybe the line shows that the pin is straight and not longer as you think.
Don't be confused from such details the correct pinout is shown in the datasheet and is the same as the picture you have provided.


thnx for the info. I already tried what the datasheet says but still there is no sign of voltage on the output pins :( how can i know if my i.c is damaged ?

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thank you ALEX for your reply, I will keep that in mind!

ckshivaram is right, you have the correct polarity going the IC because you have placed the + symbol in your schematic but your battery symbol is reversed, in a battery the long line represents the positive pole and the short one the negative


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Are you sure that the enable pin is set high?

though the symbol might be shown wrong but i did it the right way! (figured it out just now!! ^_^) i guess my I.C is not damaged then..., can i tell me any more possibilities why my circuit is not working ?? it doesnot show a thing( thing = voltage on output 13 and 14)

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