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Kindly Advise for future career opportunities

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Aug 24, 2007
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Kindly Advise..

Before I start...I know this is not the rite place to post this...but since most of the experienced ppl deinitely go thru this part...I'm posting it here...I've already posted it in the rite board...have done my masters in RF and Microwave Engg. and am located in India..I hve two offers in hand and have to choose which one to join...One is that of a Software Embedded Engineer that require extensive coding..and I HATE the ideas of writing programs all day..thts probably why I pursued a masters in RF. I wanted to get into RF but rite now it seems difficult to get into an RF based job...especially as a fresher. Also, the number of companies doing RF hardware design in India is not very large....The second offer is that in a KPO 9Knowledge Process Outsourcing), I didnt ahve a lot of idea in terms of what they do, so I checked the net...and as far as I said that technical in-depth skills were required for the job...and KPO was the next big thing in India...Money is not a deciding factor as there is hardly any difference in the pay package I'm being offered in both...I am confused about which job to choose and since I would be switching whatever job I take in a year or two...I am a li'l confused as to which one I should opt for. Also, does any1 have an idea how working for 2 years in a KPO can be of help?? I mean, is it going to help if I wanted to work anywhere else but a KPO??? Logically, I should go for the embedded job but the KPO job is close to in in the same city.....I'd be grateful for any other insights or advise..thnx

Kindly Advise..

Hello rfndmw,
I would recommend you to take job where you will learn a lot & will be continuously working under pressure since you are fresher.

Go for coding kind of job.
I am also RF engineer & from India. I know the Pain RF enginner facing in India.
Unless you have godfather ( guide) or u are extremely talented .don't sick to RF if you don't have opportunity.

Embedded is good stuff, without embedded it is impossible to make complete system.
So first master embedded & you can learn RF on your own ( become amature scientist or some thing like that) catch somebody from research institutes or universities with whom you can work to pursue your interest,

Hope this helps.


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Re: Kindly Advise..

thnx a lot for the reply...well,yes logically I should go for the Embedded job..but its just tht I dnt want to spend my life programming...I just wanted to know is it possible to shift if and wen an oppotunity arises..also, even if I have a godfather (which I dnt) the problem is the RF industry is very limited in India as I'm sure u are aware...and they ask for experience...which u dnt get unless u wrk in tht evn if I stick with embedded what about lets say..2-3 years later...I ahve no idea where I will be heading..and I'm not evn sure what companies in India will employ me in RF rite now...even if I can put in humungous effort to find some entry level position...thnx again for the advise...I am taking the embedded job for now...but could you guide me as to what comapnies employ RF and Microwave Engineers in India??? thnx agn

Kindly Advise..

Sorry, It is difficuilt for fresher to get in Microwave industry in India.
Dont loose hope & try applying.

Programming is not bad ok!! live this fact.
Even if you find job in India for RF, you will hardly get opportunity to design any circuit!!!!

Please search in this forum, many people have posted names of companies who work in RF in India.

Added after 2 minutes:

One of my professor alway tell me
" Don't loose the bird in Hand, if you see very good bird on tree"

Be happy, you will get it.

Re: Kindly Advise..

Thnx for the reply...

Re: Kindly Advise..

I think a pure programming job can be a dead end, as system on a chip type projects evolve. However, a programming job that is more DSP oriented might allow you to use microwave, analog, and programming skills. By bridging over the various technical areas, you will be a more valuable engineer, and will always remain in-demand, as they will not be able to just grab big blocks of code from previous jobs and use it again...there will always be tricks/quirks to be solved where the analog meets the digital world.

So, if you are doomed to doing embedded programming right out of school, maybe you can get a job that is more DSP oriented than just straight writing lines of code? That way, you are planning for your future growth and avoiding obsolescence.


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thnx for the reply....its a fresh aprroach..didnt really think of things that way...but in India..atleast in the present scenario...its quite tough...appreciate the hlp nyway..thnx

Its pretty tough in the USA too! Hang in there, this too shall pass!


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If I have been started in my carrier now, I'd prefer to be DSP engineer...

thanx a lot for the currently looking around for a move into watever u ppl suggested, if possible. thnx again..


Did you get any opportunity to work in RF yet?

Hi Biff44,

Atleast in USA, RF in well settled industry, there are lot of labs, companies.
so there is good scope,
I wish if i would have done MS in RF & Microwave few years back, I would have been in some good RF company. :)

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