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Job Openings for MEMS Design Engineers at SWS

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Dec 5, 2007
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Job Openings for MEMS Design Engineers at Si-Ware Systems (SWS)

Job Ref Code: MEM-108

About Si-Ware Systems
Si-Ware Systems (SWS) is an independent Egyptian fabless company providing a wide spectrum of ASIC design and development solutions from initial circuit design to IC supply for a large number of customers in analog/mixed signal and RF markets. SWS has strong expertise in a broad range of PLL based timing circuits, frequency synthesis, data converters and RF front-ends for wireless applications. SWS is also specialized in the design and development of integrated products based on Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) technology, with emphasis on optical MEMS, for different application segments. Based in Cairo, Egypt, SWS employs more than 30 people in engineering and has marketing offices in San Francisco, California. Information about SWS can be found at www.si-ware.com.

Job Description:
Si-ware Systems is currently seeking candidates to fill positions in the field of MEMS design and development. As a MEMS design engineer you will be part of the MEMS design and development group where you will be working on the design and implementation till fabrication and testing of the final product. This involves design aspects such as architecture definitions, optical design, mechanical design, and process flow definition. You will also be participating in the measurement, testing and characterization of the realized optical MEMS components. You will also be working with the fabrication process implementation team and will be required to give feed-back and solutions for new process implementations. You also be communicating with the electronics design team to develop driving electronics for the MEMS components.

Both senior and junior level candidates are invited to apply by sending their CV to human.resources@si-ware.com

• B.Sc. in electrical engineering with minimum grade “Very Good”
• Good theoretical background and practical experience in optical design.
• Familiar with free-space and guided wave propagation in micro-scale structures.
• Background in MEMS design and development. This includes system level architecture, process flow definition and electro-mechanical design.
• Familiar with MEMS CAD tools (eg. MEMSPro, Coventor, ANSYS & Matlab)
• Hands-on experience in micromachining fabrication process technology is a plus.
• Measurement/characterization experience of optical and/or MEMS components is a plus.
• Minimum 5 years of relevant experience is required for senior level position.
• Self-motivated and quick learner
• Excellent communication skills and English language proficiency

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