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JDM programmer: an easy to build tool for PICs

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Dec 31, 1999
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jdm programer

It's very easy to build and don't need a power supply.
Programming: PIC12C5xx, 12C67x, 24Cxx, 16C55x, 16C61, 16C62x, 16C71, 16C71x, 16C8x, 16F8x.
Just connect to COM port and use software **broken link removed**

**broken link removed**
100% working (tested by gulson)
**broken link removed**

jdm programmer schematic

for those who doesnt understand polish..
here is the original jdm page:
**broken link removed**
and a modified version with eagle brd is available here:
from the very good site which covers DIY midi applications

R1 and the voltage of D5 are additional modifications which are necessary for all newer PICs which come with the low-voltage-programming capability (which is in fact not used by the JDM programmer and has to be disabled by the 10k pulldown resistor at pin RB3) and a slightly increased value for the Z-diode in order to meet the programming specs of PIC16F87x

both are not tested by me, but they soon will be ;)


jdm interface

89s8252 is not supporting by JDM, try Willem

jdm programmer circuit

is this circuit acceptable for 40 pins PIC's?
if it's possible how can i take it from you?
because i tried some circuit for 40 pins but i didn't take good performance.
thanks again.
i am waiting your answer..

simple jdm programmer

I don't know the JDM-programmer but generally it never depends on the number of pins a PIC has. You can always easily build adapters or program them in-circuit by connecting 3 (4) pins and powersupply. Much more it depends on the family the programmer supports. There are about 5 different algorthms used by microchip (12Cxx, 16Cxx, 16Fxx, 16F87x, 16F87xA, perhaps some more). So take a look at the programmers specs if your PIC-type is supported.

jdm programmer 18f2550

I need support gor PIC16F74 please say me if is possible with this programmer. Regards.

jdm programator


is it working for PIC16FF877 under win2k


diy jdm programmer


i download and run the pgm in win2k

it begin say like"error ocurred (....)while starting driver"

what can i do

need help

becasue i need to build isp pgmer


jdm programmer 18f

Hi SenthilKumar,

Did you put the file icprog.sys also in the ICprog dir?
The programs runs fine on Win2K & XP machines.
I remember there were some problems in the past using parallel port programmer & Win2k.

This is really one of the best programmer soft I have seen, and I use it all the time. The programmer has done a good job on this, and it is totally FREE!!

Regards, msmax

jdm programmer 18f452

hi, senthilkumar

yes! jdm84 works fine under win2k/xp with PIC16F877

best regards

jdm programmer 2

how can I program..pic16f628 and 627
or can I Program this with jdm programmer?

jdm programer circuit

here is PCB for JDM2002

jdm programmer 93c66

Hi, guy's!
Have any body used ICSP for 16F870 with JDM? Or something like this with JDM?
Can you desricbe it?

jdm programmer led


here is very simple hard ware for ic-prog easy to made pcb design included

jdm programmer circuits

the a specifying the one with analogue components

jdm programmer simple

Does it program PIC18F family? I've conquest based programmer and I can program both 16Fs and 18fs now I want to build a new one and looking for alternatives... Which programmer do you recommend for both 16F and 18F pics and probably other microcontrollers such as SX and 8051 and EEPROMS ?

jdm smart card

Yes of course, JDM programmer is very easy and it can program all. Tested for 16f and 18f series

jdm programmer for 18f2550


can anyone help me to find some way to construct a circuit for reading smart card with encrypted data, and its programer....?

I'm try JDM to do this job, since the Smart Card consist of PIC16F84 and EEPROM ( which is the problem ), I have no idea how to connect PIC and EEPROM at the same time with 8 pin only :cry:

Please some one answer me..... :(

thanks in advance

schematic jdm programmer

Try these link
**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**

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