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Issue regarding hardware implementation of Broadband LNA with ATF34143 using ADS 2009

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rajesh navagare

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Apr 29, 2015
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hey, i am using ATF34143 for 2 stage broadband lna and i got good result with gain, noise figure and return loss i.e. s11 and s22.

But i have designed with ideal component inductor and capacitor, i want to replace it with vendor's component. As i am using ADS 2009 software for it, they provide muruta manufacturing capacitors and inductor.
Here problem is, i am new to design it and i want to go for hardware design and please tell me step by step process to go for layout.

HB analysis and LSSP is required if i am getting gain upto 23 db ?
Do i need to connect MLIN and MTEE and if yes then how to find length without disturbing output response?
Bias point is 4V, 40 mA and Vgg required is 0.05 V so do i need to connect Vgg if it very small? and how to design bias circuit, please give me notes or link
thanks in advance


Results with schmetic design and ideal component is totally different from practical results. You can use S2P file for replacing capacitor and inductor. S2p files are available on vendor website like ATC, DLI.

1. Design your layout as per vendor .dxf file data.
2. perform uw/Mom simulation of layout.
3. Perform EM Co-simulation. (Get layout simulation results in schematic layout and use model data for transistor and s2p data for discrete component.)
what is uw/mom simulation ? can u explain little?

i m using s2p file for transistor only, do u know how to add capacitor and inductor s2p file in software ADS 2009

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