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[SOLVED] isis problem assign package

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Jul 5, 2009
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have you an idea about this problem : when i assign click assign package to a component the pin assignement is not saved. see attached


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What is the name of the device that you are changing, it is a led but what is the component name?
Did it have a package or are you adding a new one?
when you press assign package do you see a dialog that asks to save the package to a library?


the device is a led, it have not a package and i add a new one existing in the libraray, no when i press assign package i did not see a dialog,

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Ho do you get to this dialog?
is it by right clicking on the component on the schematic and selecting packaging tool?
In that case I get a save dialog when i press assign package, i don't know why you don't get that dialog.



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yes it is by right clicking on the shematic and selecting packaging tool, i don't know the problem :(

yes i have not this dialog, how did you write A and K ( on the "A" colomn), is it by clicking on the right button mouse in parallel with the A and K button from the keyboard ??

You can either write the letter in column A or select a box in column A and then click on the right side image over any pin to assign the letter number to the selected box

really i don't know the origin of the problem :((

Try the alternative, use the make device and create a new device with a package

So you press assign package and the screen dissapears?
And the package still doesn't exist when you use the component?
I have no idea what is wrong.

yes when i press assign package the screen disappears, and package exist but the pin are not assigned, for example in my design A1 is not assigned to A and A2 not assigned to K

proteus isis problem

please who find this problem in isis packaging tool
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Hi alexan_a, the problem is related to the version 7.6 when i used 7.7 it work well

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