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[SOLVED] ISE6.2 schematic library

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Dear friends;
I have ISE 6.2 from XILINX, but it does't include the library which contain schematic model for TTL devices (like 74155 and 74174).
Do you know what is the name of related library and where can I find it(download it)?


Back around ISE 5, Xilinx removed the TTL library for a good reason. Using TTL logic equivalents in FPGA or CPLD leads to poor performance and excessive area. I recommend abandoning your search, abandoning schematic entry, and use HDL instead.

Once upon a time, I tried copying a 1970's era video arcade game into an FPGA. It used about a hundred 74xx TTL chip - lots of asynchronous counter chains, decoders, muxes, flops, gates. The result in FPGA was a hopeless timing disaster. I spent a long weekend converting the old design into synchronous logic, and coded it in Verilog. It works splendidly in a Spartan-3.

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