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Is this possible?Controller for opening, closing roof window

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Sep 8, 2009
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Is this possible?

First of all, sorry if this is a bit out of context - But it's my first project with a PLC.
I’m considering to buy a Siemens LOGO PLC for my company for test purposes, and was wondering if the following was possible. It’s quite essential that it can perform the following.

Basic concept: Controller for opening and closing of roof window

Q1 is driving the activator for opening the window and “Stop Up” is a switch detecting when full extracted.
Q2 is closing the window. “Stop Down” is a switch detecting when the window is closed.

Watch the diagram for understanding here:
**broken link removed**

Activation (Puls) of “Up1” or “Up2” will activate Q1 for up to 1 minute or until “Stop Up” is active.

Activation (Puls) of “Down1” or “Down2” will activate Q2 for up to 1 minute or until “Stop Down” is active.

As long as “Down Priority” is activated: Q2 will be active for up to 1 minute or until “Stop Down” and no other controls can be activated.

If Up or Down function is activated concurrent, the latest command should be respected. “Down Priority” takes always priority.

My question

Would this be possible to make this with the Siemens LOGO product? And if so, does it require a lot of work with programming (I’m gonna buy cabels and the needed environment for software develoupment)?

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

Hi, what type of load will your output need to handle?
Have you considered using a GE Ganuc Micro PLC?

why you don't use a microcontroller, you can program it in assembly, C or BASIC, with some peripherals with microcontroller like a relay or solid state relay and motor circuit like H-bridge for motor direction control (clock and anti clock wise) you can do anything you wish.

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