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is there any different in this 2 choice?

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Oct 10, 2007
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hi all
i am very new to micro processor..
all i know is simply study on the book, almost no practical experience...
but i need to have a project as final year thesis, please help guide me..
thanks a lot.

well, i am from malaysia, and i am thinking to buy my component from farnell.
i plan to use most common microcontroller, PIC16F877A.
i found the page here.

**broken link removed**

i am wonder why there are several option for PIC16F877A-I/L, and the price vary a lot.
1 option selling at RM$ 33.84, while another selling at RM$ 19.40. vary up to 42%!
is both of them the same?
the cheaper one normally dont have a picture shown..

same happen here, when i would like to buy the PICkit 2.
**broken link removed**

another question,
is PIC16F877 same with PIC16F877A?
my senior told me, PIC16F877A is newer version..
but is there any different? or could i use same assembly code that working on PIC16F877, and apply directly to PIC16F877A without any changes?

last question,
i heard farnell will give 10% discount on components bought for student.
is this true?

hello :)

there is several option, because there r different frequencies:
usually the frequency is written after the dash (-), i.e: PIC16F877A-20.....

The best one in my opinion is the chose the 20MHz.

The PIC16F877 without the A, is too old, they r not manufacturing from it anymore. The PIC16F877A is the newer revision.Buy the PIC16F877A not the old one.

there is no difference in programming, the only difference you can face is that the new programmer does not recongnize the PIC16F877, they recognize the newer one.

Good Luck :)hope i was helpful ;)(helped button )

The 16F877A are all rated for 20MHz there is no speed rating. The older 16F877-20 or 16F877-4 were speed rated.

Why not you check at your local market. As the Farnell are costly then the components available in the common market.


hello there, i live in singapore, just beside you, i have a suggestion for you,

wy u want to buy la ? jus get it free from
can not spend money like this la ?

ps: other guys never mind, this is singlish ( singaporean english )


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