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Is there any component like "Infinite Turn Potentiomete

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Nov 18, 2001
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infinte turn potentiometer

Hi there,

In my project i need a potentiometer that can turn infinitely.You know conventional potentiometers starts from terminal 1 and ends at terminal 3, terminal 2 is located between terminal 1 and 3.I don't want terminal 2 to stop at the end.I want it jump to terminal 1 again.It will start in zero.So i want my potentiometer to turn infinitely.Is there such a device around? If so please tell me its link or company.Thank you.



I have never heard of such a thing. You could make one by starting with a rotation optical encoder. This runs a counter that turns over from FFF to 000. The output of this counter runs a digitally controlled attenuator device.

Re: Is there any component like "Infinite Turn Potentio

Yes I remeber this potansiometers at the old military servo systems.

You can use incremantal or obsolute shaft encoder. You can count the puls and you can find digital values of positions. After you can produce voltage again by DAC.

I looked for one for ages...wanted to make a cheap weathervane....the closest I came was some conductive plastic potentiometers from some wierd company who never replied to my queries, but even then it had a dead band of 4 or 5 degrees.

Use an optical encoder...they are relatively cheap (if it is a incremental type)
or depending on the application, use a digital pot with up/down?

w w is one such supplier

Bourns produces several of them, and I have proved these devices and I found them very good for servo sytems.

3535s-722-502 potentiometer of 5k infinity turning
value in my country US5

Ok, guys.Thank you very much i will try bourns' products.Good for me, they can send samples :)

Re: Is there any component like "Infinite Turn Potentio

Can anyone suggest me a good circuit or procedure to take care of the dead gap in the infinity potentiometers ?

Re: Is there any component like "Infinite Turn Potentio

you get these device in older type vco blocks from ham radio sets
they usualy have a bearing in them to give an indent dented zone you tune the block then to give increments using some fixed pots as part of its allignment procedures
and this indent can make you think they are digital
radios like ft101 101zd had the digital vco and readout
and some heathkit stuff

some musical instruments use them

or you could get the pliers and conductive paint out

try mainline supplies uk they have them or yeasu uk but youll need a part number

or roland uk yamaha uk again youll need part numbers

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