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Is evaluation board necessary?

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Jan 4, 2011
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I have an AD8302 IC which is a Gain Phase detector but I don't have the evaluation board for the same.Is it necessary to get the evaluation board as well to use this IC?It costs some 225 USD and I won't be able to afford that.

In general, depending on how much the specifications are critical with regarding to the range applied, it is quite desirable to test it before, but in any case nowadays is possible to find models for simulation for almost everything.

The cost of design failure may be greater than the development card, which you should be able to order yourself from the supplied artwork . Any 1 sided board shop can turn in a day or two. Add suitable RF Connectors if necessary or semi-rigid coax. YOu may prefer double sided with controlled impedances.


If you are enough experienced with such parts and you understand the informations in the datasheet..
Then I'd say you could do without eval board.

Selecting devices, mathematics and pcb layout is the key.


I´m not expert designer yet, so almost all projects that I made without EVB had problems. Here, in Brazil, made low numbers of pcbs have high value, EVB is very good.

Evaluation boards do have a place if one is tackling an unfamiliar circuit design, or for which one doesn't have enough experience.

The time, effort, expense to develop the circuit, and customer aggravation caused by circuits which don't fully meet expectations, are worth every cent that an EV board costs.

I once was struggling with a Bluetooth receiver. I went to the applications engineer, and he told me to copy EXACTLY the layout of the EV board.
I did, and it worked flawlessly from then on.

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