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inverter ct. to run car door motor

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eng sama

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Jan 5, 2013
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Please give me the simplest circuit diagram which can be easily made practically for an 12v dc to 220v ac inverter to drive motor about 300 watt 3 phase

We bought inverter 300watt but don't run motor

and what about this circuit
if it run motor

the 1500 watt inverter is a single phase one and cannot drive a 3 phase motor, you need a 3 phase inverter to drive 3 phase motor
12V to 230V 3 phase AC inverters are extremely rare (never seen one!). The normal way to go would be to use a single phase 12 -230V inverter followed by a 230V single to 3 phase converter. The other way to go is to convert your 3 phase motor into a single phase, by using a suitable "run" capacitor and a different "start" capacitor. The motor ca not be run at its full output, but will run at 60% rating. The other alternative is to get hold of two 12-230V inverters which can be synchronised and fiddle the synchronisation to get the correct phase displacement.
thank all ,but i think it so difficult to design this circuit

the best method is convert the 12v to 310v dc and simulate a three phase using micro controller to drive the motor

If that motor and door have some purpose in car, I mean its necessary for someone needs, and this is used often in that car, in that case buy new branded factory made inverter. Price is not so high.

If there is chance try to change three phase motor with DC motor or AC single phase motor, 300W is not too much for 12V and one inverter. Best variant will be DC motor.

Also if you want to use three phase motor, additional phase monitoring circuit should exist, to avoid unwanted situations based on smoke.
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